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General Interests

Reader’s Digest Magazine is the world’s most widely read monthly magazine, with a wealth of useful advice and entertainment.
Price: $11.97 – 1 Year


Science Magazines

National Geographic brings you the brilliantly vivid photographs, illustrated maps and compelling stories.
Price: $15.00 – 1 Year

Celebrity Magazines

People Magazine is America’s No.1 magazine on fascinating people.
Price: $116.07 – 53 Issues

News & Politics

Time Magazine provides insightful analysis of today’s important events and what they mean to you and your family
Price: $30 – 56 Issues

Popular Women’s Magazines

Cosmopolitan magazine explores an array of topics, including social trends, fashion and beauty, pop culture and entertainment
Price: $15.00 – 1 Year

Home & Garden Magazines

Ladies’ Home Journal magazine was created by women for women. Every issue is packed with advice and wisdom, tips and strategies.
Price: $8.99 – 12 Issues

Business & Finance

Forbes magazine is a leading publication in reporting on the world of business and finance.
Price: $29.98 – 1 Year

Cooking & Food Magazines

Taste Of Home Magazine America’s #1 cooking magazine! Enjoy 100+ home-style recipes.
Price: $17.98 – One Year

Sports Magazines

Golf Magazine – America’s leading authority on the game of golf.
Price: $8.00 – 1 Year

Entertainment Magazines

TV Guide is now Full-Size, Full-Color, for people who are passionate about their favorite shows, characters, and stars.
Price: $19.96 – 1 Year

Family Magazines

Parents Magazine is for the young family with growing children. Get help with all types of parenting challenges.
Price: $9.97 – 12 Issues

Health & Fitness

Weight Watchers Magazine is the perfect companion for women or men who are dedicated to their health and fitness goals.
Price: $14.95 – 6 Issues

News Subscriptions

Newsweek Magazine – Comprehensive coverage of national and international affairs, newsmakers, politics, business and more.
Price: $34.00 – 1 Year

Car Magazines

Automobile is the magazine for the discriminating car enthusiast.
Price: $5.00 – 1 Year

Animal Magazines

Bird Talk is the only magazine that provides both new and experienced bird owners with information on keeping pet birds.
Price: $13.00 – 1 Year

Arts & Crafts Magazines

Quilter’s World brings you the very best of traditional and contemporary quilting with complete, full-size quilt patterns.
Price: $21.97 – 1 Year

Magazine Subscriptions

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History of MagCentral

Magazines have always seen their place among the masses in the United States around the world. Women’s magazines and food & cooking magazines taught many homemakers how to prepare and cook the perfect meal for their families while men’s magazines showed how to improve their golf swing (among other many healthful tips how to attractive women). Fitness magazines provided quality information how to exercise and eat right for the young, middle-aged, and elderly. Men’s Health magazine (established in 1987) has been the leader in men’s fitness with more than 35 publications worldwide. Gourmet magazine was a monthly publication of Condé Nast and the first U.S. magazine devoted to food and wine founded by Earle R. MacAusland (1891–1980) and first published in 1941. Condé Nast established magazines covering fashion, technology, food, and travel, including The New Yorker, Vogue, Wired and many more.

The Gentleman’s Magazine, first published in 1731, in London, is considered to have been the first magazine. Edward Cave (English printer), who edited The Gentleman’s Magazine under the pen name Sylvanus Urban, was the first to use the term magazine, on the analogy of a military storehouse of varied material, originally derived from the Arabic makazin storehouses. Over time the magazine had various subtitles, including monthly intelligencer and historical review. It started a new series in 1834, and again in 1868. Publication ended in September of 1907.

The American Magazine. The first magazine published in the American colonies, edited by John Webbe (fl. 1730-1750) in Philadelphia, precedes Benjamin Franklin’s General Magazine by three days to claim the distinction. In print for only three months, this monthly periodical covered the proceedings of colonial government, as well as moral, political, and historical topics.

Sports magazines have helped many generations of fans of sports and recreational activities get an inside, in-depth look into their favorite sports teams and athletes. In September of 1946 Macfadden’s SPORT magazine became the first mainstream national sports publication, but also in its editorial innovations. Under founding editor Ernest Heyn, SPORT magazine pioneered a brand of behind-the-scenes glimpses of the heroes of the time not attempted before with focus on the human aspect in sports.

Most Popular Magazines

The most popular magazine subscriptions of all-time include Better Homes and Gardens, Reader’s Digest, Game Informer, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Ladies’ Home Journal, People Magazine and Time Magazine. Car magazines are relatively newer to the magazine game in comparison with other publications. Car & Driver was founded as Sports Cars Illustrated in 1955. Not only are these magazines some of the most popular but also cheap magazines as well when prescriptions are ordered.

Children’s Magazines

Children magazines and teen magazines are targeted to young readers and Seventeen magazine was the first publisher ho dedicated an entire magazine for teens in 1944. Now there are a whole range of magazines devoted to pre-school age through middle school aged children. Ranger Rick is a favorite of many youngsters.

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