Having Jewellery Appraised

The Benefits of Having Jewellery Appraised

The majority of wedding ring jewellers will offer appraisal services to their customers and although they might focus on the production and sale of jewellery; in order to value these items, they will first need to be appraised. Some jewellery can pass down through families and in these cases, it can often be impossible to know the specific details of a particular item.

Not all gold rings will possess the same weight or carats – and likewise some diamonds and gem stones will feature higher quality compositions than others. The benefits of having jewels and precious metals appraised can be wide and varied, and a few of the most prominent advantages are listed below.

Identifying the value

Some rings, particularly those that appear to be made of different materials than regular gold and silver (such as white and rose gold), can be fairly difficult to identify. Different precious metals and stones like diamonds feature varying values, with gold often having its value based on its weight, quality and condition. Silver on the other hand can often resemble white gold and even platinum and by having it appraised, the material can be identified and a value can be assigned.

Evaluating the carats within precious metals

The term carat refers to two particular factors relating to precious metals. The first is used to gauge the weight of a particular item of jewellery – with 1 carat amounting to 200 milligrams of the metal’s weight. So, for example – a 2 carat diamond will often weigh 400 milligrams. On the other hand, gold is often defined by identifying its purity, with 24 carat gold meaning that the item possesses 100% gold ore. If other minerals are present, then the carat amount can be reduced accordingly.

For authentication purposes

There are times when a particular jewel or accessory may need authenticating; particularly when being sold by one person to another. In these cases, and due to the fact that some precious metals can be easier to fake than others, it can be important to have a particular ring, bracelet, necklace, or even a pair of earrings authenticated. In most instances, a jeweller will be able to provide a certificate of authentication along with any other formal documents that can be used when buying or selling an item.

To aid with insurance

Some people prefer to insure their jewels and accessories, just in case the worst should happen. When doing so, an insurance company will often ask for an appraisal to be provided to ensure that the cost of the jewels is as accurate as possible. With an appraisal a policy will be more likely to go ahead – and in some cases repeat appraisals can be required as the years go by, depending on the fluctuation of precious metal values.